On The Pathway to Citizenship

Who the nation is called to? People who believe they are chosen. They know that there is more that they must do with their life, but they may have not identified it yet. Priest; they stand on behalf of others ( those they intercede for), the nation denotes the government of God.

Roadmap to Discipleship

Relationship Building (Courting Phase) 
  • Getting To Know The Nation 
  • Us Getting to know you 
  • Personalized development 
  • (You watch us do) soul
  • Interning in place of ministry 
  • (We watch what you do) your spirit
  • Imparting into others in ministry 
  • (You teach someone else how to do)
  • Commissioned to minister 

Ready to begin

We're excited about your interest in becoming a fully recognized citizen of this nation.
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